Welcome to our site. We are glad to have the opportunity to tell you about our development programs.

Some important changes took place in our project recently:

We would like to inform you about important changes in the Foundation:

  • The projects in the War Wounded Camp will be completed. Through June 2016 the team of teachers of the Primary School will still receive a monthly financial support apply from the donors. This means the end of the activity of the Foundation for the ‘ War Wounded Camp ‘.
    We have fulfilled all our appointments and responsibilities.
  • Donations after May 1, 2016, are used for the new projects from the Foundation.
    If you want to stop your donations (which we hope not!) then you can terminate your automatic periodic transfer yourself. The Foundation has no debt collection-jurisdiction.
  • Change of Board members: Mrs. J. Nijholt and Mr. P van Wees, Mr. J. G ten Houten and Mr. F. Jackson leave the Board on April 15, 2016.
  • The Foundation is then continued by Mohamed Saccoh, Rikst Aukema and Babah Tarawally in Netherlands in collaboration with Paul Fuller from the United Kingdom. The Foundation remains active in Sierra Leone and will continue to focus on education. In December 2015 Mohamed – during a family visit in London – has also met Paul Fuller. About the shared plans you soon hear more. Watch website and the Facebook page

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