Solidarity with Sierra Leone,

Spring 2016
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Important changes

We would like to inform you about important changes in the Foundation:

  • The projects in the War Wounded Camp will be completed. Through June 2016 the team of teachers of the Primary School will still receive a monthly financial support apply from the donors. This means the end of the activity of the Foundation for the ‘ War Wounded Camp ‘.
    We have fulfilled all our appointments and responsibilities.
  • Donations after May 1, 2016, are used for the new projects from the Foundation.
    If you want to stop your donations (which we hope not!) then you can terminate your automatic periodic transfer yourself. The Foundation has no debt collection-jurisdiction.
  • Change of Board members: Mrs. J. Nijholt and Mr. P van Wees, Mr. J. G ten Houten and Mr. F. Jackson leave the Board on April 15, 2016.
  • The Foundation is then continued by Mohamed Saccoh, Rikst Aukema and Babah Tarawally in Netherlands in collaboration with Paul Fuller from the United Kingdom. The Foundation remains active in Sierra Leone and will continue to focus on education. In December 2015 Mohamed – during a family visit in London – has also met Paul Fuller. About the shared plans you soon hear more. Watch website and the Facebook page!


Working visit 2015


From 2 till 12 November Mohamed Saccoh visited –  on behalf of the Foundation – officially the projects in Grafton for the last time. After more than 12 years, cooperation with the schools will officially end.

aan tafel

Pupils of Primary School with school supplies.

After arrival in Grafton Mohamed surprised the students with toys, school supplies and sports clothing. These materials, the Foundation had received over the past few years from, among others, the Public Primary School Letterbeam in Heerenveen, (Fryslân, The Netherlands).

Primary School

  • During the discussions with the Primary School, it became clear that the recognition by the Ministry of Education is still hanging. Together with the head of the Primary School Mrs. I.K. Fofanah, Mohamed has tried to get in touch with the Minister but unfortunately the Minister was on a working visit to Paris. From the Foundation, it is not possible to exercise more influence on this process.
  •  As a farewell gift a music set is purchased in Freetown which is offered to the Primary School. The school can use it for special activities, and the rental to other schools or festivities outside of school will raise an additional revenue.


 Mixing desk and loudspeakers


Secondary School

  • In talks with the head of Secondary School, Mr. S.S. Tarawally, it became clear that a number of teachers are being paid by the Ministry of Education. Of the 22 teachers 14 teachers have signed up for a voucher from the Ministry of Education. Now 6 teachers get income from the Ministry of Education.
  • There is a new classroom built. We conclude that the school is running its business well.
  • The request came from the team of teachers to pay the cost for a last senior year of teacher Donald Macauley. This has now been granted.
  • Conclusion: the Secondary School can be good on their own!


 Sports clothing and school supplies for the pupils of the Secondary School.


Donors night at November 27, 2015


  • During the festive last donors evening it is decided – in agreement with the present donors – that the financial support to the Secondary School ends. The amount that we still have at our disposal will be given through June 2016 to the salaries of teachers of Primary School.
  • Mohamed Saccoh has indicated he would like to continue the Foundation. In collaboration with Paul Fuller (an English contributor) he wants to set up new projects elsewhere in Sierra Leona.


What some of the visitors to our donors evening wrote:


“It looked so cosy and welcome.
It felt weird too to leave this way.
I found it nice to understand how carefully and dedicated you delivered this outfitting process.”


“It was a beautiful evening with useful information and movies of the project.
And of course there were all kinds of tasty snacks and drinks,
Mohamed had just returned from a visit to Sierra Leone and he told at length about his experiences and how the project was over there.
A nice wind up of the many activities that there have been in recent years.”


“At the end of the donors evening the attendees, mainly current and former Board members, were convinced that it is a good decision to stop in Grafton. Not only because after more than ten years money aid (on our part) for the recovery years after the war the people on the ground there fully go for it but also because in recent years the living conditions in and around the schools are about to change and improve, and finally the fact that also the national government is going to take responsibility for the schools.” 



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