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some of 'our' children1. With an empty stomach, you can’t study

Many children have been victim of the war: they became orphans, became vagrant children or had to leave their home towns. Many of these homeless children ended up in a part of the refugee camp in Grafton, called the ‘War wounded camp’. In this camp, a primary school was founded in 2000, named “War wounded Community Primary School Grafton”. Currently, the school has about 360 students and employs 8 teachers. The government does not provide any financial support to this school. When we got in touch with the school, the situation was: no study materials, no salaries for teachers and no food for the students.

Many of the students thus had to provide for themselves. This resulted in irregular attendance of classes, or attending classes with an empty stomach. The foundation tries to support the students . From 2003 until June 2014 we have supported these children by providing meals at school. This gave the children the opportunity to attend classes on a more regular basis and with more attention. It also was a sign of hope in this period and a sign that, somewhere in the world, there are people who care about their situation.

In 2011 we started reducing the school-meals. The Foundation aspires to encourage self-reliance of the people in the War Wounded Camp. Therefore we have decided to gradually reduce the school-meals and to focus more on facilities for good education and supporting the team of teachers. We also worked on recognition of the school by the Ministry of Education of Sierra Leone.

2. Without teachers, no education

Because of the high turnover of teachers, in 2006  we started paying  a basic monthly allowance to the teachers. To enable all teachers to obtain their full qualifications, we also paid the annual fees of the Teachers College, for the teachers who were not yet fully qualified.

3. Cooperating with others.

Susanne and Betsy  Swint have been visiting the project for four times, the last time in 2010. During their first visit they got in touch with some English members of the Rotary, who subsequently also committed themselves to the War Wounded Camp. Betsy and Susanne also were the driving forces of the Dutch sponsored walk together with the English “Charity Walk”.

The members of the English Rotary District 1250 were so shocked by their first visit to the camp, that they immediately gave money for saucepans, dishes and cups. Later on, the tasks were allocated: the Foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone would take care of the school meals, the English Rotary would take care of the school-buildings.

In 2010 the members of the Rotary also consulted with the people in the camp about building houses. It was agreed then, that the last 75 families, who were still living in tents, would  make stones themselves to build their houses.

The English Rotary has also provided toilets in the camp.

In the Rotary there is a rule that says that the commitment to a project must stop after 3 years; so their commitment had to stop. But we do still have English donors. Our board-members Mohamed Saccoh and Rikst Aukema are in contact with these donors.


4. Secondary School and Vocational School.

Some of the teachers have started a Secondary School. To them we give a basic monthly allowance as well.
500 children attend this school.
Donors have given extra money to enable these teachers to obtain their full qualifications too.
Up to now (end 2014) more than hundred students have passed the exams of the Secondary School.
The English Rotary has also provided money to build a Vocational School on the compound. The children for whom manual labour is more appropriate can get further education there.


5. With music towards self-sufficiency.

In consultation with the staff of the War Wounded Academy, we have launched a campaign for musical instruments, with which an entire school band can be started. On the left you can see the first instruments that have been bought last year with a donation of two of our donors. The instruments are meant to be used for music education and for the accompaniment of high days. The school band can also be hired by third parties, e.g. at funerals, at sports days from other schools, Thanksgiving, etc. The proceeds can be used for teaching materials and examination fees.


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