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Brief history.
Since 2003, the Foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone provides school-meals for the pupils of the War Wounded Primary School in Grafton . In addition, the teachers of the primary school and secondary school receive a small monthly fee . The foundation has also taken on paying examination fees for pupils.
Since 2006 we (Betsy and Susanne Swint), have visited the schools regularly . During these visits we have frequently talked to pupils .

During our last visit in February 2013 , we talked to a number of ex-pupils of the War Wounded Secondary School. We were wondering what  their prospects for the future are . The nine ex-pupils all indicated that they don’t have a job at this time. They want to continue their education in order to further develop their knowledge and to have better chances to get a job. They would also like to study in order to contribute to the development of their country. Unfortunately, they lack the funds for further education.

graduating class

The graduating class 2012-2013, Secondary School, Grafton.

They decided not to wait and sit at home, but to unite in an Association for Former Pupils . Together they are committed to their old school : they are volunteering , for example , on sports days, they motivate pupils to continue to go to school and support them in doing homework . In addition to these activities, they keep dreaming of a follow-up study .

Would you like to help us to realize this dream?

Then please make a donation to:

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Barclays bank Account number 63279790 sort code 20-74-05

Account name:    Solidarity with Sierra Leone

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The idea.
The great motivation of these former pupils and the fact that knowledge can contribute to more welfare and prosperity, have made us decide to set up a Study Fund.

A developing country, such as Sierra Leone,  needs skilled people. Research has also shown that education can prevent future wars . It would be nice if these young people, who are so motivated to help their country forward, can really start with their studies .
We have reviewed our ideas for a Study Fund with the nine students and the head of the Secondary School. Some conditions will be attached to the Study Fund, including repayment in instalments, so that in the future other students  can ask a contribution from the Fund too. This is in line with the policy of the Foundation to encourage projects that contribute to self-reliance.

Study Fund.

The realization of a Study Fund for ex – pupils of the War Wounded Secondary School in Grafton .

Initially, the Fund is meant for the nine former pupils who are part of the Association of Former Pupils.
After completing their studies, these students begin to repay . Thus, there will always be a fund, which some motivated future students can use .

The head of the Secondary School , Mr. Sheriff S. Tara Wally , manages the Study Fund and composes a committee which decides who are eligible for support.

Cost :
A study currently costs an average of 600 Euros per year. Most studies last for three years . Additionally, there are costs for books , transportation to Freetown and examination fees .

It is our aim to put 6.000 Euros per year in the Study Fund during 3 years.

Conditions for participation:
Students who apply to the Study Fund will sign a contract .
The conditions in the contract will be :
• The money received will be returned to the fund . The repayment can be done in instalments and will start as soon as the students receive an income .
• The prospective students will give all the information about the study to Sheriff before they receive the money. Such as cost , address of the school, duration of the study , etc.
• Students will give an update of their progress to the board of the fund twice a year.
• Students will not ask for additional fees, such as money for medical expenses, for family members, etc.
If the agreements made in the contract  are not fulfilled , the student will not receive a contribution any more in the following year.

Pupils of the Secondary School.

Pupils of the Secondary School.

Procedure in the Netherlands:
During three years (2013, 2014 and 2015) we will strive to acquire money for the Study Fund, in the months of November, December and January.
This money will not come from the donations and gifts to the Foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone that already exist . So this is a separate fundraiser . But we will use the account and the reputation of the Foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone .
Depending on the amount raised, one or more students can get their study funded . Our aim is to have nine people participate .
In consultation with the Head of the Secondary School and the former pupils, a choice will be made whether only the tuition is paid or also the books and travel expenses . This is always depending on the amount raised .

After three years:
After three years, we will stop generating money for the Fund and the responsibility for the further development of the Fund will be for the people in Sierra Leone .

Betsy and Susanne Swint

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