The Foundation


Start and Mission
The foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone was founded in September 2003, as an initiative of Tom Samu, together with some Dutch people. Tom was born in Sierra Leone, and has lived in the Netherlands since 2000. His mission is to create a bridge between Sierra Leone and the Netherlands, to give solidarity a specific and practical form. He knows the meaning of attending school with an empty stomach.The main objective of the foundation Solidarity with Sierra Leone is to support small scale development programs in the areas of education, health care and community support in Sierra Leone. This West African country was ravaged by a civil war for 10 years, which ended in 2002 by actions of the United Nations. Partly due to this war, the country is one of the poorest in the world.

The Board

The board consists of:

Mohamed Saccoh: chairman

Hans ten Houten: secretary

Rikst Aukema: treasurer

Peter van Wees: member

Janneke Nijholt: member

Francis Jackson: member

Other functions:

Tom Samu:  advisor for the context of the project in Sierra Leone

José Carlos Gil: administrator of the website

Here you can see the Annual report of 2013.

Here you can see the Policy for 2014/2015.

(This is in Dutch, we are working on a translation.)